"Why Me" by Stanley Price - November 1998


Directed by  Mike Geisow

Produced by Val Culm & Jon Jones

The Cast (in order of appearance)

John Bailey

David Darby

Helen Bailey

Sally Anderson

Mary Ferguson

Annette Ayres

Gwen Hollis

Sarah Taylor

Arthur Hollis

Steve Godfrey

Tom Bailey

Justin Day

First seen at London's Strand Theatre in 1985, Stanley Price's comedy starred Richard Briers as the redundant civil engineer battling against the odds to find a new job.
John Bailey returns to his South London Home a member of the "over three million club" and bitter recipient of a "tarnished chrome" handshake. In the course of the summer, he struggles with revelations and events that everyone in our audience will be able to identify with.

Act I Scene I

Early evening

Scene II

Some weeks later. Morning

Scene III

Some days later. Morning

Scene IV

A few days later. Early evening


ACT2 Scene I

A few weeks later. Morning

Scene II

That night

Scenc III

The next morning

Scene IV

Afternoon, couple of weeks later.

The Production Team

Stage Manager 

Stan Harbidge


Pam Thompson


Val Rushworth


Judy Pratt

Sound & Light

Clive Holland 


Susan Jones

Set Design & photos

Christine Jackson

Set Decoration

Val Culm

Set Construction

Group Members

Ticket Sales 

Kath Ready


Justin Day


Pam Thompson


Kath Ready


& Group Members

Front of House

Kath Ready


& Group Members