"Waters of the Moon" by N. C. Hunter - November 2001


Directed by David Darby

Produced by Debbie Sharpe

The Cast (in order of appearance)

Evelyn Daly

Sally Anderson

John Daly

Justin Day

Mrs Whyte

Judy Pratt

Colonel Selby

Jim Wallis

Mrs Daly

Val Culm

Mrs Ashworth

Annette Ayres

Julius Winterhalter

Stan Harbidge

Helen Lancaster

Sarah Taylor

Robert Lancaster

Jon Jones

Tonetta Landi

Rebecca Thompson


A wave of rich, fashionable London breaks over the quiet West Country private hotel run by Mrs. Daly and her daughter Evelyn, when Mrs Lancaster and her husband and daughter are marooned in heavy snow and forced to take shelter with the Daly's.
The visitation creates emotional havoc with all in residence, until at last the thaw comes and the Lancasters go their way, leaving the residents to curl once again into their protective cocoons.
The action takes place in the lounge and garden of a West Country Hotel on the edge of Dartmoor. Time 1950's.

Act 1


Scene 1

The lounge, 9pm Dec 28th

Scene 2

The lounge, noon Dec 30th

Act 2


Scene 1

The garden, afternoon Dec 31st


Scene 2

The lounge, 11.30pm Dec 31st

Act 3 The garden, after midday Jan 1st


The Production Team

Stage Manager

Pam Thompson


Lisette Cartier van Dissel


Terry Hall


Debbie Edwards


Kathy Thomas


Barbara Wilson

Set Design

David Darby

Set Construction

Martin Day


Sid Heald 


& Members of the group

Set Decoration

Members of the group

Sound & Light

Clive Holland 


Tom James


Kath Ready


Anne Russon


& Sylvia Lace

Front of House

Mick & Maureen North

Programme Design 

Clive Holland 

Poster Design 

David Darby

Ticket Sales 

Kath Ready


Christine Harbidge


Stan Harbidge


Annette Ayres 


Alex Denman