"Wanted One body" by Raymond Dyer - April 1965


Produced by Aline Turton

The Cast (in order of appearance)
Miss Barraclough Kathleen Ready
Mabel Middy Mary Jane Scott
Anne Beal Pam Dawson
Ted Johnson Michael Foulds
Mr. Blundell Bill Taylor
Mr. Mickleby Beverley Wright
Agnes Wyn Maycock
Doctor Brown Brian Chittin
Mr. Sorrell Peter Burch



Many thanks for new information / programme supplied by Tony Benton in November 2010.

Wanted One Body

L-R Michael Foulds, Bill Taylor, Wyn Maycock, Brian Chittim, Peter Burch,Mary Jane Scott, Pam Dawson



The action of the play takes place somewhere in England in Greenacres, the home of the late Mr. Barraclough. The play is enacted throughout in the lounge of this house during one winter's day of the present year.

Act I   3 o'clock. One Saturday afternoon


Act II Sc 1 Ten minutes later


Sc 2 Ten minutes later
Act III Sc 1 Five minutes later


Sc 2 Midnight
Wanted One Body Programme


The Production Team
Stage Set & Decor Aline Turton
assisted by Members of the Group
Stage Manager Trevor Sampson
Stage Carpentry Male members of the Group
Lighting & Sound Effects Clive Holland
Prompter Alice Woodward
Properties Jean Simpson
  & Ray Ashworth
Make-up Members of the Group
Wig by Nellie Smith

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