"Turn of the Screw" by Ken Whitmore - November 1993


Adapted from the novel by Henry James

Directed and Produced by

Richard Miller & Sarah Taylor

The Cast (in order of appearance)

Peter Quint

Stan Harbidge

Kate Jessel

Rachel Holt


Miriam Thorn

Miss Grey

Helen Smith


Andrew Barnes

Mrs Gorse

Tina Warrington

Mr Crimmond

David Darby

The action takes place in the sitting room of Bly, a large country house and extends over a period of five months.

Act 1



Late at night

Sc 1

An Afternoon in June

Sc 2

An Afternoon in July

Sc 3

A morning in August

Sc 4

3am on a Sept morning


Act 2


Sc 1

An Afternoon in June

Sc 2

Two hours later - evening

Sc 3

The next day - late afternoon

Sc 4

The next day - late afternoon

The Production Team

Stage Manager

Martin Day


Val Rushworth


Pam Thompson


Val Culm


Judy Pratt

Set Construction

Stan Harbidge


Jane Delaney


Richard Miller

Set Decoration

Val Culm

Sound & Light

Clive Holland 


John Holt


Jo Spencer


Annette Ayres 

Programme Design 

David Darby

Front of House

Kath Ready