"Thriller of the Year" by Glyn Jones - November 1987


Produced by Judy Pratt
& Annette Ayres

The Cast (in order of appearance)

Gillian Howard

Anne Spencer

Irene Knight

Sarah Mills

Madge Robinson

Val Culm

Beryl Spence

Marie Preece

Edith Howard

Val Rushworth


The Voices of :-


Petra Tracey

Group Members

Conrad Knight


Martin Howard


Anne Spencer, Marie Preece, Val Rushworth, Sarah Mills, Val Culm



Gillian Howard, a successful crime novelist, returns to her flat late at night after having received the award for the “Thriller of the Year”, to find a copy of her latest award winning book has been delivered with no note and no indication as to who it is from. As the evening unfolds, when a series of unfortunate accidents occur, she soon finds out why: someone is trying to kill her using methods from her own book! Will she be able to discover the identity of the murderer before it is too late, using her novel to stay one step ahead; she finally comes face to face with the murderer. In the last chapter of her book how did her heroine die? And will Gillian suffer the same fate!

Time the present

Act 1







Act 2

Half an hour later

Act 3

Twenty minutes later

The Production Team


Ann Lodge


Sian Barnard


Jane Page

Stage Management

John Holt


Tim Wildgust

Scenic Design

Ray Jackson


& Paul Spencer

Lighting & Sound Effects

Martin Day


David Page

Ticket Sales

Didda Godson


Group Members

Front of House.

Kath Ready


& Group Members