"The Rise and Fall of Little Voice" by Jim Cartwright - November 2011


Directed by Sally Anderson

Production Manager Jon Jones

The Cast (in order of appearance)


Sarah Taylor

Little Voice

Ailsa Pearce

Phone Man

Terry Hall


Tom Spencer


Annette Ayres

Ray Say

David Darby

Mr. Boo

Stan Harbidge

Jean 'the organist'

Sue Terry


Little Voice Singing


Little Voice (LV) lives alone with her mother Mari whose sole purpose in life is to find another man. Mari's imposing presence drives the shy LV into utter seclusion and she spends her time in her bedroom listening to her late father's records. When smalltime impresario Ray Say, Mari's latest catch, hears LV's faultless impersonations of various famous singers, he recognises the gold in her voice and determines to exploit it, but the whirlwind rush for success breaks LV and dashes Ray's hopes. Finally, however, LV gains the courage to speak and sing in her own voice.

"Popular entertainment at its best... funny, sentimental, and savage by turns, bursting with compassion and life.' Daily Telegraph
"Like everything Cartwright writes, it is playful, magical and terrifying.' Sunday Times

The action of the play takes place in the home of Mari Hoff in an unspecified Northern English Town.

Act 1


Act 2

Mari & LV

The Production Team

Stage Manager

Bob Terry

assisted by

Richard Stanway


Jon Jones


Sue Terry


Val Rushworth


Carol Radford

Sound & Lighting

Clive Holland


Lynne Holland


Terry Hall

Set Design 

Bob Terry


David Darby


Jon Jones

Set Construction

Bob Terry


& Group Members


Christine Harbidge


Jon Jones


Annette Ayres

Ticket Sales

Christine Harbidge

Front of House

Christine Harbidge


Yvonne Purser


Bill Sylvester


Sally Anderson

Mari & Sadie dancing
Mari & Ray
Billy & LV