"The Proof of the Poison" by Falkland L Carey & Philip Weathers - November 1980


Produced by Pauline Cooper
Assisted by Didda Godon

The Cast (in order of appearance)

Robert Boyd

Jim Morrison

Kate Wilson

Anne Spencer

Helen Traynor

Moe Smith

Nina Cooper

Barbara Deavin

Mr. Luce

Ron Newman

Hector Sanderson

Tom Smith

Aunt Agatha

Val Rushworth


Audrey Simpson

Detective Insp. Harvis

John Holt




The action of the play passes in the lounge of The Elms, James Sanderson's house in Berkshire

Time: The present

Act 1

Sc 1

An afternoon in July


Sc 2

An hour later

Act 2

Sc 1

The following afternoon


Act 3

Sc 1

Early the same evening


Sc 2

Some hours later



The Production Team

Stage Manager

Simon Homes


Brian Spencer


June Tillinghast


Linda Morrison


Ann Houghton


Martin Day


Clive Holland

Front of House

Kath Ready ?

Ticket Sales

Jo Spencer