"The House on the Cliff" by George Batson - April 1975


Produced by Didda Godson
& Alan Hucknall

The Cast (in order of appearance)
Karen Jenny Brightman
Doctor Lane Danny Hanlon
Eileen Clayton Pauline Cooper
Jenny Ellen Hanlon
Nurse Pepper Pauline Palmer
Corey Phillips John Holt





The action of the play passes in the living room of Cliff House, overlooking the Channel.

Time: The present

Act 1 Sc 1 Early afternoon in September
Sc 2 Late afternoon, two days later
Act 2 Sc 1 Afternoon, several days later
Sc 2 Eight thirty the same night
Act 3 One o'clock the following afternoon



The Production Team
Stage Manager Clive Holland
Prompt  Joyce Rowlston
Properties Maureen Smith
Sound & Lighting Clive Holland
Ro Holland
Set Design  Aline Turton
Front of House Kath Ready
Ticket Sales  Kath Ready