"The Bride and the Bachelor" by Ronald Millar - April 1971



Produced by Didda Godson
and Alice Woodward

The Cast (in order of appearance)
Barbara Kilpatrick
Collette Housego
Miss Bowden Maureen Durrance
Isabel Kilpatrick Jean Simpson
Serene Kilpatrick June Weaver
Blodwen Morgan Jones Billie Bond
Jason Kilpatrick Bevereley Wright
Sir William Benedick-Barlow Trevor Sampson
Joe Tilney Alan Hucknall




The action of the play passes in the lounge hall of the Kilpatrick's house in St. John's Wood, London.

Time the present.

Act I
Sc 1 About 8.00pm on an October evening
Sc 2 Three hours later
Act II
Sc 1 A few minutes later
Interval of Fifteen Minutes
Sc 1 9.45am the next morning


The Production Team
Stage Manager Vic Rowe
  Assisted by Group members
Prompter Margaret Pound
Properties Susan French
Sound & Lighting Clive Holland
Assisted by Vincent Perthen
Set Design  Aline Turton
  Vic Rowe
Stage Decor Jennie Hucknall
  Assisted by Gwen Rowe
  & Group members
Make-up Members of the group

The African properties kindly lent to the Drama Group by Mrs. Scudamore, Cropwell Road, Radcliffe-on-Trent