"Taxpayer's Waltz" by" by Peter Coke - November 1972

Produced by Didda Godson
Assisted by Jean Simpson

The Cast
Joyce Culford Molly Lewis
Flora Draycott Billie Bond
Arthur Ashmore Beverley Wright
Norman Straker Trevor Sampson
Mr. Barclay Clive Holland
Maureen Susan Terry
Vanman Alan Hucknall
Mr. Welbeck Bill Taylor
Mr. Perivale Raymonde Housego
Oonagh Pauline Cooper
Miss Timwell June Weaver
A woman Laurie Tyers




The play tells the story of a genteel novelist, Flora Draycott, who suddenly writes a steamy bodice-ripper, Sex In The Afternoon, based on the affairs of her deceased philandering husband.
To avoid embarrassment, she adopts a nom-de-plume, Guy Thompson, but the book becomes an overnight best-seller and she faces pressure to admit her subterfuge.
Her attempts to avoid being unmasked form the basis of the comedy, and the book's success, which attracts the interest of the Inland Revenue, gives the play its name.

The action of the play takes place in the living room of a country cottage about 30miles from London

Act I
Act II
The same, some months later, Afternoon

Interval of Fifteen Minutes during which coffee and biscuits will be served, 5p

The same, two days later, Morning



The Production Team
Stage Manager Vic Rowe
  Alan Hucknall
  & Group members
Prompter Alice Woodward
Properties Jane Norris
  Pauline Cooper
Lighting & Sound Clive Holland
Vincent Perthen
Stage Design  Aline Turton
Stage Decor Jennie Hucknall
  & Group members
Make-up Raymonde Housego
  & Group members


Original Programme

Original Programme - 3p