"Suddenly at Home" by Francis Durbidge - April 1986


Produced by Val Rushworth
& Val Culm

The Cast (in order of appearance)

Maggie Howard

Annette Ayres

Helen Tenby

Anne Spencer

Ruth Bechler

Barbara Deavin

Sam Blaine

Philip Lodge

Sheila Wallis

Judy Pratt

Glenn Howard

John Holt


Paul Spencer


David Page

The action passes in the living room of the Howard's flat. Time - the present.
Businessman Glenn Howard’s wealthy wife, Maggie, wants them to go and live in Bermuda, meaning he would have to give up his job. The life of a kept man does not appeal to Glenn, who also has another woman in his life, so he devises a seemingly foolproof plan to do away with his wife, enjoy her money and indulge his new love. Not only will he in the clear, but the prime suspect will be his wife’s former lover, Sam Blaine.
Working with his close friend, an actress named Sheila Wallis, Glenn carries out the plan and everything seems to be working as it should - until the arrival of Superintendent Remick.

Act 1

Sc 1

A Tuesday evening in early Jan

Sc 2

The following afternoon

Sc 3

Several hours later

Sc 4

Later the same night

Interval 20 minutes

Act 2

Sc 1

Thursday morning

Sc 2

Thursday evening


The Production Team

Stage Manager

Richard Priestley


& Tim Wildgust


Anne Lodge


Jo Spencer


Karen Wildgust

Scenic Design

Ray Jackson

Sound & Light

Martin Day


Clive Holland


David Page

Set Construction

Group Members

Make Up

Sandra & Val Straw

Front of House

Kath Ready


Group Members

Ticket Sales

Didda Godson