"Spring and Port Wine" by Bill Naughton - February 2015


Directed by David Darby

Production Manager Jon Jones

The Cast (in order of appearance)

Daisy Crompton

Sally Anderson

Florence Crompton

Ailsa Pearce

Betsy Jane

Sue Terry

Wilfred Crompton Tom Spencer
Harold Crompton Phil Hawyes

Hilda Crompton

Bethany Allen

Rafe Crompton

Jon Jones


Russ Hopkin


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The action of the play takes place in the Crompton home, Bolton, Lancashire.
The subtle comedy drama features the working class family experiencing ups and downs which will resonate with anyone who has ever had a battle with their parents or finds themselves looking at younger generations with disbelief. Rafe Crompton tries to hold his family together by being a strict disciplinarian. He wants to retain old-fashioned values while his children are intent on rebellion aware that they are growing up and the tide is turning.
Of all things it is a plate of herring that finally tips the balance and 'Dad' finds he has to re-evaluate his position in the Crompton household to bring back some peace and calm.

Act 1




Act 2

Sc 1



Sc 2



Sc 3

Later that same day


The Production Team

Stage Manager

Ian Johnson


Annette Ayres

Properties Rosa Keen


Pauline Preston

Sound & Lighting

Clive Holland


Terry Hall

Set Design 

David Darby

  Jon Jones

Set Construction

Bob Terry

  & Group members


Annette Ayres


Jon Jones

Front of House }


Ticket Sales     }

Christine Harbidge

Photography     }



Lynne Holland

Lovely herring
Harold smoking Amazing Grace
Florence The cat ate it?
There there, Hilda He's fainted
This'll open it I'm paying me debts