"Snow Queen" by Moe Smith - January 1980

Produced by Moe Smith
Assisted by Lily Perrin

The Cast (in order of appearance)
Dame Widow Hard-up Steve Hart
Mrs Always Wittering Didda Godson
Mrs Interfering Busybody Audrey Simpson
Fairy Marie Preece
Hubble June Tillinghast
Bubble Annette Ayres
Trubble Alison Vernon
King Brian Spencer
Snow Queen Ruth Holmes
Vinegredu Kath Ready
Scamp (the dog) Stephen Ayres
Demon King }
Inspector }Paul Spencer
Chief Messenger }
Princess Snowflake Pascale Cooper
Simple Simon Always Wittering Simon Holmes
Courage (Dame's son) Jo Spencer
Photographer, Schoolmaster, Pied Piper Clive Holland


The Production Team
Stage Manager Tom Smith
Prompt Pam Hart



Photo right: Clive Holland talks down to Stephen Ayres with other children looking on

Snow Queen