"Shock!" by Brian Clemens - February 2016


Directed by Tina Warrington

Production Manager Sue Terry

The Cast (in order of appearance)

Taxi Driver

James Telling

Ann Marsh Anna Hodkin

Jenny Rayner

Katherine Buttfield

Terry Dexter Jon Jones

Andy Flewin

Russ Hopkin

Steve Turner

Richard Lewin

Peter Rayner

Terry Hall

Maggie Miller

Eleanor Hogg


Ann and Jenny


Action set in Maggie Miller's converted windmill home. Time - the present. A group of people have been invited down for the weekend to the country home of Maggie Miller to celebrate her birthday, but when they arrive she's not there. Naturally enough the phone's been cut off.
Maggie has been a voracious predator with a penchant for other people's partners so everyone has a motive for foul play. Before finding out who-dun-what we have to wade through a lot of self-cancelling clues, a body or two, and some very scary moments. All the while we and the plotĀ are helped along by Clemens' sharp and characteristic dialogue.
Shock! is the most suspenseful and unpredictable of thrillers, literally right up to the closing few seconds you're kept guessing.

Act 1

  Friday afternoon

Act II

  Immediately afterwards



Sc 1

Saturday afternoon


Sc 2

Two hours later


Sc 3

Monday morning

Jenny, Peter & Ann

The Production Team

Stage Manager Bob Terry

Asst. Stage Manager

Carol Lovejoy


Annette Ayres


Pauline Preston

  Rosa Keen

Sound & Lighting

Clive Holland


Lynne Holland

Set Design 

Tina Warrington

  Jon Jones
  Bob Terry

Set Construction

Bob Terry


& Group Members


Annette Ayres


Jon Jones

Ticket Sales

Sue Terry

Front of House

Enid Patrick


Val Culm

Poster / Programme Kate Cox


Kate Cox

Terry, Andy, Peter & Jenny
Terry & Ann Steve with Ann
Peter with Jenny Ann, Terry, Andy & Jenny
Bloody Jenny The Cast