"Separate Tables" by Terence Rattigan - November 2008

Directed by Stan Harbidge

Production Manager Jon Jones

The Cast (in order of speaking)
Mabel Annette Ayres
Lady Matheson Christine Harbidge
Mrs Railton-Bell Sue Terry
Miss Meacham Tina Warrington
Doreen Ailsa Pearce
Mr Fowler Bill Sylvester
Mrs Shankland Sarah Taylor
Miss Cooper Sally Anderson
Mr Malcolm David Darby
Charles Stratton Ben Chilvers
Jean Tanner Katherine Buttfield
then in Table Number Two
Major Pollock David Darby
Sybil Railton-Bell Sarah Taylor
Other residents Rose Keen
  Madeline Clarke

Separate Tables is the collective name of two one-act plays written by Sir Terence Rattigan, both taking place in the Beauregard Private Hotel, Bournemouth in the 1950’s. The first play, entitled "Table Number One", focuses on the troubled relationship between a disgraced Labour politician and his ex-wife. The second play, "Table Number Two", is set about eighteen months after the events of the previous play, and deals with the touching friendship between a repressed spinster and a retired English army officer, Major Pollock. Rattigan wished the two principal roles in both plays to be portrayed by the same actors while the other characters - permanent residents, the hotel's manager, and members of the staff - appear in both plays.

Table Number One


Scene 1

The Dining Room - Winter’s evening

Scene 2

The Lounge - Later that evening

Scene 3

The Dining Room - The following morning

20 minute Interval

Table Number Two

18 months later

Scene 1

The Lounge - Summer’s Afternoon

Scene 2

The dining room - Same day - Dinner time


The Production Team
Stage Manager Terry Hall
Prompt  Jon Jones
Properties Carol Radford
Val Culm
Anna Hodkin
Sound & Light Clive Holland
Terry Hall
Bob Terry
Set Design  David Darby
Stan Harbidge
Set Construction Group Members
Publicity Jon Jones
Annette Ayres
Ticket Sales  Christine Harbidge
Front of House / Refreshments  Group Members
Photography Stan Harbidge