"Revuebilee" - June 1977

A Miscellaneous collection of short plays & sketches to celebrate Royal Jubilee year

        After this performance the hall was closed condemned by authorities due to the condition of the hall and “the attitude of its users”

"Stage Poem", “BathTime”, "Dr Crackpot’s Health Centre", "Bessie Plenderleith", "Guitar", “What the dinosaur”, “Token of Esteem”, “Octopus”,
" Dr Crackpot’s Health Centre", “A little horse play”, "Sisters", "Poems", " Nobody loves a fairy when she’s forty",  "Dr Crackpot’s Health Centre", “Knit yourself a lost weekend”, ”’Orrer from the ‘Oller”, “Home from Home”, " Song/Guitar", “The Magician”, “Audition” and “Temptation Sordid or Virtue Rewarded”.






Front & back stage:

Annette & Stephen Ayres; Billie Bond,

Pauline Cooper, Didda Godson,

Ellen, Danny & Stephen Hanlon;

Clive Holland, Alan Hucknall, Dave Kay,

Pauline Palmer, Marie Preece,

Moe & Tom Smith; Jo & Paul Spencer;

June Tillinghast, Alison & Esther Vernon.