"Quest for the Whooperdinck" by A.H. Teacey - January / February 1992

Produced by Val Culm
& Tina Warrington

The Cast

Professor Potterton

John Holt


Emma Priestley


Pam Thompson


Richard Warrington

Chief Urgle

Anna Barnard


Lucy Barnard


Matthew Barnard


Ellie Graham


Simon Howell


Rebecca Thompson


David Thompson

Guardian of the Fiery Cave

Ian Howell

Snowflake Maker

Stan Harbidge


Anna Warrington


Synopsis of scenes


Sc1 Professor Potterton's Laboratory
Sc2 Salmonella's Party
Sc3 The Urgle Camp
Sc4 Outside the Fiery Cave
Sc5 Beyond the Fiery Cave
Sc6 The Snowy Plains


Sc1 The Urgle Camp
Sc2 The Snowy Plains
Sc3 The Urgle Camp
Sc4 Outside the Fiery Cave
Sc5 The Snowy Plains


The Production Team
Stage Manager Brian Spencer
& Geoff Halfnight
Prompt  Marie Preece
Properties Annette Ayres
Sound & Lighting Clive Holland
Martin Day
Jeremy Rowe
James Spencer
Set Design  Ray Jackson
Wardrobe Sarah Taylor
Edwina Parnham
Liz Howell
Front of House Anne Spencer
Kath Ready
Ticket Sales  Kath Ready