"Quartet" by Ronald Harwood - February 2019



Directed by Sally Anderson

Production Manager Rosa Keen

The Cast (in order of appearance)

Wilf Bond

Alan Haydock

Cissy Robson

Sue Terry

Reggie Paget

Jon Jones

Jean Horton

Tina Warrington



Bobby Swanson

Chris Green


Terrace scene



The action of the play takes place in a home for retired singers and musicians. Our four long-time friends meet up again in their twilight years, supporting each other along the way and reliving the glories of their time as an operatic 'quartet'.

Act 1


A sunny day in June on the terrace


Act 2

Sc 1

The next day, mid morning in the music room


Sc 2

Three weeks later


Sc 3

10th October, early evening

Reg & Wilf

The Production Team

Stage Manager

Bob Terry


Debbie Edwards


Pauline Preston


Richard Stanway

& Lighting

Richard Lewin

  Hazi Mistry

Set Design 

Sally Anderson

  Jon Jones

Set Construction

Bob Terry

  Hazi Mistry
  Group Members


Jon Jones


Annette Ayres

Ticket Sales

Christine Harbidge

Front of House

Christine Harbidge


Enid Patrick


Chris Green

Jean's arrival
Reg & Jean Music room
Jean can't sing Costume basket
We'll perform
About to perform Cissy on stage