"Pygmalion" by Bernard Shaw - November 2007


Directed by Sally Anderson

Production Manager Jon Jones

The Cast

Professor Higgins

David Darby

Eliza Doolittle

Sarah Taylor

Colonel Pickering

Jon Jones

Mrs. Pearce

Sue Terry

Alfred Doolittle

Stan Harbidge

Mrs. Higgins

Carole Stafford

Mrs. Eynsford-Hill

Christine Harbidge

Freddy Eynsford-Hill

Ben Chilvers

Zoltan Karpathy

Tony Stafford

(see below for support cast)


The action takes place in and around London in 1912.

Act 1


Sc 1

After Theatre, Covent Garden. A cold March night

Sc 2

Higgins’ study, Wimpole Street. The next day - morning

Sc 3

Higgins’ study, three days later - late afternoon….time passes

Sc 4

Ascot racecourse. A sunny July afternoon

Sc 5

Outside Higgins’ house. Later that day

20 minute interval - The bar, tea, coffee or soft drinks

Act 2


Sc 1

Higgins’ study. 6 weeks later - evening

Sc 2

Ballroom of the Embassy. Later that evening 

Sc 3

Higgins’ study. The following morning - 3.00am

Sc 4

Outside Higgins’ house. Later the same morning

Sc 5

Higgins’ study. The same morning - 11.00am

Sc 6 

Mrs. Higgins’ house. Shortly after

Sc 7

Outside Higgins’ house. The same day - late afternoon

Sc 8

Higgins’ study. Immediately following


Support Cast

Parlour Maid

Katherine Buttfield

Selsey Man / Queens Consort

Doug Smith

Earl of Hockley Brook

Terry Hall

Flo / Rt Hon Mrs. Bagshot Smythe

Val Culm


James Telling

Flower Seller / Countess of Kensington

Madeline Clarke

Ruby / Queen of Transylvania

Annette Ayres

Lady Carsington

Rose Keen

Clara Ey’Hill / Earl’s Young Lady

Gabrielle Anderson

Elizabeth (Flo’s daughter)

Natalie Anderson

The Production Team

Stage Manager

Terry Hall


Annette Ayres 

Assistant Prompt

Katherine Buttfield


Richard Stanway

Sound & Light

Clive Holland 


Susan Jones

Set Design 

David Darby


Tony Stafford

Set Build Coordinator

Tony Stafford

Set Construction

Group Members

Set Decoration

Group Members

Wardrobe Team

Carol Radford


Rose Keen


Linda Emiston


Annette Ayres 

Ticket Sales 

Kath Ready


Christine Harbidge


Kath Ready


& Group Members

Front of House

Group Members


Christine Harbidge