"Present Laughter" by Noel Coward - March 2000

Directed by Stan Harbidge

Produced by Christine Jackson

The Cast (in order of appearance)

Daphne Stillington

Gill Wingfield

Miss Erikson

Val Culm


Phil Thomas

Monica Reed

Pam Thompson

Garry Essendine

David Darby

Liz Essendine

Sally Anderson

Roland Maule

Justin Day

Henry Lyppiatt 

Stuart Douglas

Morris Dixon

Jon Jones

Joanna Lyppiatt

Sarah Taylor

Lady Saltburn

Maureen North


The action of the play takes place in the studio apartment of Garry Essendine, a popular actor who revels in being a temperamental prima donna.
Now separated from his wife, Liz, he still remains under her control. When he becomes deeply involved with Joanna, his manager's wife, who is seen as an outsider by many of his close knit circle of friends, Liz becomes determined to step in and extricate Garry from what could be a very damaging relationship.

Act I


Act II Scene I

Evening 3 days later


Act II Scene II 

The next morning


 A week later

The Production Team

Stage Manager 

Sid Heald

Assistant Stage Mngr. 

Tina Warrington


Annette Ayres 


Kathy Thomas


Maureen North

Sound & Light

Clive Holland 


Susan Jones


Tom James


Tim Ritzmann

Set Design

Sid Heald 


David Darby

Set Construction

Martin Day


Stan Harbidge


Members of the group

Ticket Sales 

Kath Ready


Kath Ready


& Anne Russon

Front of House

Mick North

Programme Design 

Clive Holland