"Portrait of Murder " by Robert Bloomfield - April 1978


Produced by Clive Holland,
Audrey Simpson & Ruth Holmes

The Cast (in order of appearance)
Tod Logan John Holt
Agnes Webster Annette Ayres
Paula Barlow Pauline Palmer
Eliot Barlow Simon Holmes
Denise Murray Pam Hart
James Guthrie Steve Hart



The action of the play passes in the living room of the Barlow's house in Kent

Time: The present

Act 1 Sc 1 A Monday morning in late August
Sc 2 Afternoon, a week later
Sc 3 Late afternoon, the following day
Act 2 Sc 1 The evening of the same day
Sc 2 Later the same night



Production Team
Prompt Vicky Dodd
Props June Tillinghast
  Pauline Cooper
Lighting & Sound Martin Day
  Clive Holland
Set Design Clive Holland
  Tom Smith
  Dick Smith