"Phantom Tollbooth" by Susan Nanus - February 1998

Directed and Produced by Tina Warrington


Milo is always bored - until the arrival of a surprise package projects him into an unknown world and enables him to play an important part in the struggle between two very strange kingdoms for the supremacy of words or numbers.

In resolving this conflict, Milo has many adventures and gradually comes to realise the excitement of knowledge.

Act 1 Scene 1

Milo's Bedroom

Scene 2

The Road to Dictionopolis

The Interval

Act 2 Scene 1

The Road to Digitopolis 

Scene 2

The Land of Ignorance

The Cast

The Clock 

Anna Price


David Martin

Whether Man 

Aideen Saxton


Sam Sterry, Claire Murray 


Greg Jones, Tim Ritzman, 


Tom James, Miriam Thorn,


Katrina Mclaughlin, 

King Azaz the unabridged


The Mathemagician,

Laura lane Smith


ruler of Digitopolis 


Sweet Rhyme

Faye Machin-Sniith '

Pure Reason

Zara Price


Sarah Godfrey

Word Merchants

Dawn Machin-Smith


Alison Smith, 


Anna Price 


Sam Sterry

Spelling Bee 

Joanna Englilsh


Stephanie Cridge


Holly Sharrock, 


Sarah Godftey 


Tom James, 


Aideen Saxton 


Tim Ritzman


Clare Murray

Kakofonous A. Dischord

Gill Wingfield

Awful Dynne

Holly Sharrock


Louise Green

Everpresent Wordsnatcher 

Dawn Machin-Smith

Terrible Trivium

Sara McCallum

Demon of Insincerity

Miriam Thorn

Senses Taker

Alison Smith

Citizens of Dictionopolis, 


Numbers Miners, 

The Company

Numbers, Demons


The Production Team

Stage Managers

Rebecca Thompson


Mike Geisow


Miriam Thorn

Production and backstage

Joanna Davis


Anna Warrington


Ann-Marie Wickett


Val Culm, Sheila Cridge


Maureen North

Sound & Light

Clive Holland 


Keir Jones

Set Design  

Liz Loach

Set Construction

Jeremy Rowe

Set Painting

Ray Jackson


Sue Price


Pam Thompson

Ticket Sales 

Kath Ready


Kath Ready

Front of House

Kath Ready