"Party Piece" by Richard Harris - April 1993


Produced by

Judith Pratt & John Holt

The Cast (in order of appearance)

Michael Smethurst

Stan Harbidge

Mrs Hinson

Val Rushworth

Roma Smethurst

Val Culm

David Hinson

lan Howell

Jennifer Hinson

Ruth Holmes

Toby Hancock

Chris Pratt

Sandy Lloyd- Meredith

Sarah Taylor



The action takes place in the gardens of the Smethursts and the Hinsons.

Time - The Present

There is an interval of 15 minutes.

The Production Team

Scenic Design

Ray Jackson

Stage Manager

Jo Spencer


Tina Warrington 


Anne Spencer


Annette Ayres

Lighting and Sound

Clive Holland 


Martin Day

Stage Construction

Ian Howell 


Stan Harbidge

Front of House

Kathleen Ready 


Group Members