"My Friend Miss Flint" by Donald Churchill & Peter Yeldham - June 2000


Directed by Justin Day

Produced by Annette Ayres

The Cast (in order of appearance)

Tom Lambert

David Darby

Lucy Napier

Sally Anderson

Albert Larkin

Rob Fawcett

Sarah Davenport

Sarah Taylor

Gilbert Dodds

Stan Harbidge

C. P. Lens

Barbara Wilson


Tom Lambert, TV gardening personality and botanist, receives a telephone call from the Inland Revenue enquiring about his Personal Relations Consultant, Miss Flint. He can honestly say that he's never heard of her. His wife and accountant confesses that she invented Miss Flint as a tax dodge.
Together with Albert, a char and part time entertainer, they attempt to wriggle out of this situation, hindered by Tax Inspectors and a Market Researcher - or are they?

Act I Scene I 


Act I Scene II

Afternoon, the same day


Act II Scene I 

A few minutes later 

Act II Scene II

An hour and half later

The Production Team

Stage Manager 

Sid Heald

Assistant Stage Manager 

Martin Day


Val Culm


Kathy Thomas


Christine Jackson


Jim Wallis

Sound & Light

Clive Holland 


Tom James


Tim Ritzmann

Set Design

Sid Heald 


& Justin Day

Set Construction

Sid Heald 


Martin Day


Terry Hall


Dave Ealden

Ticket Sales 

Kath Ready


Kath Ready

Front of House

Mick & Maureen North

Programme Design 

Clive Holland