"Murder Mistaken" by Janet Green - March 2010



Directed by Sally Anderson

Production Manager Bob Terry

The Cast (in order of appearance)
Monica Bare Christine Harbidge
Emmie Sian Barnard
Philip Mortimer Jon Jones
Edward Bare David Darby
Freda Jefferies Sue Terry
Charlotte Young Katherine Buttfield




The action of the play takes place in the sitting room of Monica Bare's house at the top of Sunrise Hill, just outside a small market town in Kent

Act 1 Sc 1 An afternoon in November


Sc 2 Afternoon - a few days later


Sc 3 Afternoon - eight weeks later


Act 2 Sc 1 Noon - two months later


Sc 2 Noon - ten days later


Sc 3 After tea, the same day


The Production Team
Stage Manager Anna Hodkin
Prompt  Annette Ayres
Properties Val Rushworth
Sound & Lighting Clive Holland
Terry Hall
Set Design  David Darby
Set Construction Group Members
Costumes Anna Hodkin
Publicity Jon Jones
  Annette Ayres
Ticket Sales Christine Harbidge
Front of House Sarah Taylor
Refreshments Lynne Holland
Photography Christine Harbidge