"Let's All Go Down the Strand" by Hugh & Margaret Williams - November 1978


Directed by

Production Manager

The Cast
James Craig Danny Hanlon ?
Caroline Cobbold Jo Spencer
Prudence Salter Didda Godson
Muriel Willoughby Audrey
Celia Pringle Moe Smith
Rose Craig Pauline Cooper
Mrs. Turner Billie Bond
Julian Craig Tom Smith





The play takes place in a flat in Earl's Court and a house in Mid-Sussex. The time is Winter then Summer of the present year.

Act 1 Winter's evening, 5.30pm
Act 2 Sc 1 11.00am three days later
Sc 2 The following evening
Act 3 Sc 1 7.00pm on a day eight months later
Sc 2 The following morning




The Production Team
Stage Manager
Light & Sound Clive Holland