"Hobson's Choice" by Harold Brighouse - November 2000

Directed by David Darby

Produced by Annette Ayres

The Cast (in order of appearance)

Henry Hobson

Stan Harbidge

Maggie Hobson

Sarah Taylor

Willie Mossop

Justin Day

Vickey Hobson

Debbie Edwards

Alice Hobson

Sally Anderson

Jim Heeler

Jon Jones

Ada Figgins

Debbie Sharpe

Fred Benstock

Terry Hall

Tubbie Wadlow

Mick North

Dr. Macfarlane

Rob Fawcett

Mrs Hepworth

Christine Jackson

Albert Prosser

Phil Thomas


This most famous of classic comedies is set in the grime of 'turn of the century' Salford.
It concerns the turmoil created in the life of Henry Horatio Hobson, boot maker, orator and champion toper.
British middle class and proud of it, Hobson finds himself up against the females in the family, particularly the headstrong Maggie, forcing him to settle, literally, to Hobson's Choice. Set in 1880.

Act 1

Hobson's Boot Shop in Chapel St., Salford

Act 2

One month later

15 minute Interval

Act 3

Oldfield Rd. Evening of the same day

Act 4

Hobson's parlour, a year later.

The Production Team

Stage Manager

Martin Day

Assistant Stage Mngr.

Dave Ealdon


Annette Ayres 


Jill Willis


Val Rushworth


Kathy Thomas

Sound & Light

Clive Holland 


Tom James


Tim Ritzmann


Martin Day

Set Design

David Darby


Justin Day


Martin Day

Set Construction

Martin Day


Dave Ealdon


Terry Hall


& Group Members

Ticket Sales 

Kath Ready


Kath Ready


& Group Members

Front of House

Maureen North

Programme Design 

Justin Day


DebbieAnne O'Donovan


David Darby