"Haywire" by Eric Chappell - November 2016



Directed by Tina Warrington

Production Manager Pam Thompson

The Cast (in order of appearance)

Alec Firth

Jon Jones


Katherine Buttfield

Maggie Firth

Sue Terry

Phoebe Firth

Enid Patrick

Jamie Firth

Russ Hopkin

Mandy Firth

Beth Allen


Alec & Liz



The action of the play takes place in the upstairs living room above Alec Firth's bookshop

Act 1

Sc 1

Good Friday, late afternoon


Sc 2

Late Saturday morning


Act 2

Sc 1

Early Saturday afternoon


Sc 2

Saturday evening

Maggie & Alec


The Production Team

Stage Manager

Richard Stanway


Annette Ayres


Pauline Preston

Lighting & Sound

Richard Lewin


Terry Hall

Set Design 

Tina Warrington

  Jon Jones

Set Construction

Bob Terry

  & Group Members

Poster & Programme

Kate Cox


Annette Ayres


Jon Jones

Ticket Sales

Christine Harbidge

Front of House

Christine Harbidge


Val Culm


Jess Jutsum

Liz & Alec with the 'maual'
Alec with 'Mother' Alec, Jamie & Mandy
Maggie & Alec Alec & Liz in 'Spain'
Alec & Liz dancing Jamie, Alec & 'Mother'
Maggie returns to find Alec Eric Chappell with the cast & crew