"Habeas Corpus" by Alan Bennett - November 2003

Directed by David Darby
Produced by Annette Ayres

The Cast (in order of appearance)

Arthur Wicksteed, MD

Jon Jones

Muriel Wicksteed

Sarah Tavlor

Connie Wicksteed

Caroline Aldrich

Son of Arthur and Muriel

Justin Day

Canon Throbbing

Jim Wallis

Felicity Rumpers

Ailsa Pearce

Sir Percy Shorter

Stan Harbidge

Mrs Swabb

Sallv Anderson

Lady Rumpers

Viv MacDonald

Denzil Shanks

Terrv Hall

Mr Purdue

Tonv Stafford



A satirical merry-go-round, the Wicksteed home in Brighton's Hove is where we meet a family, it's friends and acquaintances intent upon satisfying the body, or corpus, before all else - this is the ruling passion of their lives. The permissive society is taken to task in this celebrated play - as Wicksteed says" He who lusts last, lasts longest".

The action of the play takes place in and around the Wicksteed's home and surgery. Musical extracts are used throughout the play and are part of the story.


The Production Team

Stage Manager

Annette Ayres 

Assisted by

Barbara Wilson


& Debbie Edwards


Val Culm, 

Set Design 

David Darby

Set Construction

& Members of the group


Kath Ready


Sylvia Lace


& Anne Russon

Front of House

Mick & Maureen North


Pam Thompson

Wardrobe Assistance

Maureen North


Annette Ayres 


Christine Harbidge


Stan Harbidge


Jon Jones

Ticket Sales 

Kath Ready

Sound & Light &

Clive Holland 

Technical Effects

Lynne Holland 


Susan Jones


Tony Stafford


Christine Harbidge