"Fool's Paradise" by Peter Coke - May 1966


Produced by Alice Woodward

The Cast (in order of appearance)

Jane Hayling / Conchita

Kath Ready


May Sands

Susan Dawson

Pauline Bullivant

Catherine Hayling

Ginger Taylor

Julius Caxton

Bill Taylor

Philip Hayling

Peter Burch

Fiona Renshaw

Liz Smith

Brigette Blair

Lesley Ashton-Hill




The play centres on two women, Jane and Catherine who are married to the same man, now deceased.

There’s never a dull moment as the women embark on an adventure based around their antique-cluttered house, several unpaid bills, and no source of income. Apart from trying not to drive each other insane, they run into several mishaps with wily antique dealers, many creditors, and another woman impersonating a third wife of the deceased.



The Production Team


Margaret Pound


Wyn Maycock


Jean Simpson

Stage construction 

Bill Taylor

Set design & Decor

Aline Turton, 


Alison Fawkes

Lighting & Sound

Clive Holland