"Fly Me to the Moon" by John Godber - March 2005

Directed by David Darby

Production Manager Tony Stafford

The Cast (in order of appearance)


Sally Anderson
Dave Jon Jones
Kelly Ailsa Pearce
Jones Stan Harbidge
Madge Tina Warrington
Dougie Rob Fawcett
Fern Sarah Taylor
Stella Caroline Aldrich
Stew Jim Wallis


John Godber wrote this play based on personal experience. Invited to attend events all over the world his need to fly regularly was causing him problems. His wife enrolled him on a 'Fly with Confidence' course at Nottingham East Midlands Airport as a birthday present! We don't know how the course affected him and his ability to get on a plane but the play was written based on his experiences. All the people in the play were real, he tells us, from the ex-RAF leader of the course to the big man afraid to get on the plane.
The play speaks to us all with its acute observation of our neuroses highlighted and fuelled by a stressful experience in public.
The action takes place at an airport

Act 1

Takes place during one day. There are twelve scenes - lights will dim between scenes to illustrate the passage of time.


Act 2Sc 1

A little later

Scene 2 Two weeks later



The Production Team

Stage Manager

Terry Hall


Pam Thompson


Annette Ayres


Debbie Edwards

Sound & Light

Clive Holland 


Lynne Holland

Set Design 

David Darby


Tony Stafford

Set Construction

Stan Harbidge


Tony Stafford


Richard Stanway


& Group Members


Annette Ayres 


Jon Jones

Ticket Sales 

Kath Ready


Christine Harbidge


Kath Ready

Front of House

Group Members


Christine Harbidge