"Dial M for Murder" by Frederick Knott - May 2018



Directed by Tina Warrington

Production Manager Jon Jone

The Cast (in order of appearance)

Sheila Wendice

Bethany Allen

Max Halliday

Hazi Mistry

Tony Wendice

Chris Green

Captain Lesgate

Terry Hall

Inspector Hubbard

Phil Hawyes

Radio Announcer / Police Constable

Richard Sylvester


Staged shot



The action of the play takes place in the London apartment of Tony and Sheila Wendice in the 1950s. The return to London of Sheila's former lover triggers a horrifying chain of events.

Act 1

Sc 1

Friday evening


Sc 2

One hour later

Act 2 Sc 1 Saturday evening


Sc 2

Later that night


Act 2

Sc 3

Sunday morning

Act 3


Some months later

Sheila & Max

The Production Team

Stage Manager

Richard Stanway


Annette Ayres


Pauline Sylvester


Richard Lewin

& Lighting

Joe Beresford

Set Design 

Tina Warrington

  Jon Jones

Set Construction

John Cryer

  Bob Terry
  & Group Members

Set Painting

Enid Patrick

  & Group Members


Jon Jones


Annette Ayres

Poster / Programme Kate Cox

Ticket Sales

Christine Harbidge

Front of House

Christine Harbidge


Sue Terry


Sally Anderson

Tony & Max
Tony at desk Tony, Sheila & Max
Tony with Lesgate Max & Sheila
Sheila attacked Max & Hubbard
Hubbard & Sheila Hubbard & Tony