"Dangerous Obsession" by N. J. Crisp - May 2011



Directed by Sue Terry

Production Manager Jon Jones

The Cast (in order of appearance)
Sally Driscoll Sarah Taylor
John Barratt

Phil Hawyes

Mark Driscoll David Darby


Sally watering plants



It is the start of the play, Sally has been outside sunbathing in the fine late afternoon weather. She walks in to her conservatory and tends to some plants She is unaware that she is being watched. The voyeur is John Barratt who finally knocks on the door....Sally doesn't recognise John at all and feels more than a little vulnerable given that she is only wearing a bathing costume but she has a well protected house and reaches for the "panic button" to summon the police. John cleverly lets Sally talk herself in to thinking he is there to discuss a business proposition with her Husband Mark who "is due home any moment".......but John Barratt's purpose is far more sinister than a business chat with Mark. When Mark arrives home John begins his agenda in earnest. Mark and Sally's Friday evening plans are replaced by a nightmare they'll never forget.

The action of the play is continuous and takes place in the conservatory of the Driscoll's home, a large, luxurious Georgian house in the Home Counties.

Act 1 Late afternoon on a hot day in late summer


Act 2 Immediately following
Mark has a drink


The Production Team
Stage Manager Bob Terry
Prompt  Annette Ayres
Properties Carol Radford
Sound & Lighting Clive Holland
Terrry Hall
Set Design  Bob Terry
  David Darby
  Jon Jones
Set Construction Group Members
Publicity Jon Jones
  Annette Ayres
Ticket Sales Christine Harbidge
Front of House Christine Harbidge
Refreshments Yvonne Purser
Photography Christine Harbidge
Programme/Posters Jon Jones

John has a gun
Glass shot to pieces
Mark decides to tell the truth