"Dangerous Corner" by J. B. Priestley - May 2006


Directed by Caroline Aldrich

Production Manager Tony Stafford

The Cast (in order of appearance)

Freda Caplan

Sally Anderson

Maud Mockridge

Annette Ayres 

Betty Whitehouse

Ailsa Pearce

Olwen Peel

Sarah Taylor

Charles Stanton

Stan Harbidge

Gordon Whitehouse

David Darby

Robert Caplan

Jon Jones




The action takes place, after dinner, in the drawing room of the Caplan's 1930's house. The Caplans own a publishing company and the senior employees plus one of their authors have gathered together for the evening.

There are thee acts and there will be a 20 minute interval between Act 2 and Act 3.

Drinks from the bar, tea, coffee, soft drinks and biscuits will be served during the interval.

The action of the play is continuous.

The Production Team

Stage Manager

Richard Stanway


Tina Warrington


Debbie Edwards


Carol Radford

Sound & Lighting

Clive Holland 


Terry Hall


Susan Jones

Set Design

David Darby


Tony Stafford

Set Construction

Group Members

Ticket Sales 

Kath Ready


Christine Harbidge

Front of House

Group Members


Kath Ready


& Group Members


Annette Ayres 


Jon Jones