"Daisy Pulls it Off" by Denise Deegan - February 1997

Directed by Stan Harbidge
Produced by Christine Jackson

The Cast (in order of appearance)

Daisy Meredith

Rebecca Thompson


Sheila Cridge

Monica Smithers

Hannah McLauchlan

Clare Beaumont

Lucy Cope

Sybil Burlington

Ailsa Warren

Alice Fitzpatrick

Beth Marriott

Trixie Martin

Liz Loach

Miss Gibson

Val Culm


Gill Wingfield

Miss Granville

Pam Thompson


Suzie Rushworth

Belinda Mattieson

Anna Price

Winnie Irving

Stephanie Cridge

Dora Johnson

Stephanie Cridge

Mr Scoblowski

Jon Jones

Mr Thompson

Michael Geisow

School pianist

Tina Warrington


This comedy engagingly captures the uncomplicated innocence of Angela Brazil's Schoolgirl novels. It is about the attempts of super-achiever, Daisy Meredith to submerge her poor elementary school background and find acceptance in snobby confines of Grangewood School for Young Ladies. Our plucky heroine undergoes a number of tribulations (including possible expulsion) before, by being honourable and straight in all things, all comes right in the end with Daisy saving sneaky Sybil and toady Monica-her arch-enemies and discovering the treasure of Grangewood, scoring the winning goal at hockey and finding her long-lost father!

The play is in two acts set in Grangewood School for Young Ladies. The period is 1927

The Production Team

Stage Manager

Mike Geisow


Joy Bennett


Helen Mee


Lea Sharrock

Sound & Light

Clive Holland 


Martin Day


Susan Jones

Set Design  

Stan Harbidge

Set Construction

James Spencer


Jeremy Rowe


Ron Bennett


& Members of the group


Penny Barnes


Sally Anderson


David Darby


Ray Jackson


Pam Thompson

Ticket Sales 

Kath Ready


Kath Ready

Front of House

Kath Ready


Gill Wingfield


David Darby