"DEAD of NIGHT" by Peter Whalley - June 2005


Directed by Stan Harbidge

Production Manager Tony Stafford

The Cast (in order of appearance)


David Darby 


Caroline Aldrich 


Debbie Edwards 


Jon Jones


Warning the play includes loud gunshots!


The play is both a mystery and a thriller. The action takes place in the home of Jack and his girlfriend Maggie shortly after Jack has been released from court, having been accused of the manslaughter of ne'er do well Philip Mercer. The jury accept Jack's plea that he acted in self defence but as the story is retold, Maggie and friends Lynne & Dennis start to have their doubts. The truth about what really happened that night is gradually revealed, with shocking results.

Act 1

 We are in the living room of a house somewhere in England, at the present time. It is late at night..........


Act 2

 Immediately following. The drama continues as night turns into morning.

The Production Team

Stage Manager

Richard Stanway


Val Culm


Sally Anderson

Sound & Light

Clive Holland 


Lynne Holland 


Terry Hall

Set Design 

David Darby


Tony Stafford

Set Construction

Stan Harbidge


& Group Members


Jim Wallis


Jon Jones

Ticket Sales 

Kath Ready


Christine Harbidge


Sarah Taylor

Refreshments &

Kath Ready

Front of House

& Group Members


Christine Harbidge