"Caught in the Net" by Ray Cooney - March 2004

Directed by Sally Anderson

Produced by Christine Harbidge

The Cast (in order of appearance)

Gavin Smith

Justin Day

Vicki Smith

Jenny Ritzmann

Barbara Smith

Barbara Wilson

Mary Smith

Debbie Edwards

John Smith

Jon Jones

Stanley Gardner

David Darby


Stan Harbidge


This hilarious comedy is the sequel to 'Run for your Wife' in which John Smith a bigamist taxi driver juggles his life between wives Mary in Wimbledon & Barbara in Streatham. He is reluctantly helped by his friend & lodger Stanley Gardner.

This play is set 18 years later and he now has a teenage child by each of his wives.

Mary has a daughter called Vicki & Barbara has a son called Gavin. These two teenagers meet on the internet and Vicki invites Gavin for tea. Once again Stanley is roped in to' help keep the two families apart, but all he really wants to do is take his dear old dad on holiday to Felixstowe.

The action takes place in both homes simultaneously.

The Production Team

Stage Manager

Terry Hall


Tony Stafford


Val Rushworth


James Telling


Jessica Royce

Sound & Light

Clive Holland 


Lynne Holland 


Susan Jones


Tony Stafford

Set Design

Sally Anderson


Christine Harbidge

Set Construction

Stan Harbidge


Jon Jones


Richard Stanway


& Members of the group


Kath Ready


Annette Ayres 


Mark & Caroline Aldrich


& Sylvia Lace

Front of House

Mick & Maureen North


Christine Harbidge

Ticket Sales 

Kath Ready


Christine Harbidge


Jim Wallis


David Darby


Jon Jones


Stan Harbidge


Christine Harbidge

Photo Albums

David Darby