"Busybody" by Jack Popplewell - March 2009


Directed by Jon Jones

Production Manager Christine Harbidge
(assisted by Bill Sylvester)

The Cast in order of (live) appearance
Mrs. Piper Sally Anderson
D. C. Goddard Terry Hall
Superintendent Baxter David Darby
Claire Marshall Sarah Taylor
Marian Selby Anna Hodkin
Robert Westerby Mark Aldrich
Vickie Reynolds Ailsa Pearce
Richard Marshall Bill Sylvester


The play takes place in Richard Marshall's private office high up in an office block in London in the 1960's


Act 1

Sc 1

Late at night


Sc 2

Fifteen minutes later


Sc 3

The following morning

Act 2

Sc 1

The following evening


Act 2

Sc 2

Immediately afterwards

Act 3


The following afternoon

The Production Team

Stage Manager

Bob Terry


Annette Ayres


Carol Radford

Sound & Light

Clive Holland


Lynne Holland

Set Design 

David Darby


Jon Jones

Set Construction

Group Members


Jon Jones


Annette Ayres

Ticket Sales 

Christine Harbidge

Front of House

Christine Harbidge

  & Group Members


Sue Terry

  & Group Members


Christine Harbidge