"Blithe Spirit" by Noel Coward - February 2012



Directed by Sally Anderson

Production Manager Bill Sylvester

The Cast (in order of appearance)

Edith (Maid)

Natalie Anderson

Ruth Condomine

Katherine Buttfield

Charles Condomine

Jon Jones

Mrs. Bradman Tina Warrington

Dr. Bradman

Alan Haydock

Madame Arcati

Sian Barnard


Anna Hodkin




Noel Coward's 1941 comedy Blithe Spirit centres on novelist Charles Condomine and his second wife Ruth who are literally haunted by a past relationship when an eccentric medium manages to conjure up the ghost of Charles's neurotic first wife, Elvira, at a seance.

Act I

Sc 1

Living room of the Condomine's house in Kent. About 8.00pm on a summer evening


Sc 2

After dinner

Act II

Sc 1

9.30am the next morning

  Sc 2 Late the following afternoon

Interval - Approximately 20 minutes


Sc 3

Evening, several days later


Sc 1

Evening a few days later


Sc 2

Several hours later

Elvira is here look

The Production Team

Stage Manager

Richard Stanway

Backstage support Leah O'Regan
  Anya Kordecki


Annette Ayres


Carol Radford

  Rosa Keen

Sound & Lighting

Clive Holland


Terry Hall

Set Design 

Sally Anderson

  David Darby
  Jon Jones

Set Construction

Bill Sylvester

  & Group Members


Anna Hodkin


Jon Jones


Annette Ayres

Ticket Sales

Christine Harbidge

Front of House

Sarah Taylor


Lynne Holland


Christine Harbidge

Breakfast next day
Elvira soothes Charles mind Elvira AND Ruth!