"Beauty and the Beast" by Pauline Palmer & Moe Smith - Jan 1979


Produced by Pauline Palmer
& Moe Smith

The Cast

Old Lady

Didda Godson

1st Child

Stephen Ayres

2nd Child

Rachel Boon (Holt)


Simon Holmes


Steve Holt


Alison Vernon


John Holt


Danny Hanlon


Jo Spencer


Ruth Holmes

Robber 1

Clive Holland

Robber 2   

June Tillinghast

Beast / Prince

Pauline Cooper


Supporting Cast:

Annette Ayres

Sarah Ayres

Emma Cooper

Pascale Cooper

Philipa Cooper

Julian Duckmanton

Peter Gale

Mick Hills

Bill Hinds

Wendy Preece

Larissa Simpson

Stuart Watts

Sarah Wylde


The Production Team

Music: Andrew Hall - organist

Stage Crew:
Martin Day, Pam Hart, Clive Holland, Lily Perrin, Marie Preece, Audrey & Mark Simpson, Tom Smith, Paul Spencer, Hazel Towers?

Photo (right) is of a memorable situation at the matinee when one child wouldn't stop talking, so Robber2 said "lets go down the steps into the auditorium to quieten him down". Although you can't see from the photo, we were carrying swords. He never said another word!