Another Evening of Comedy - April 1985

The Production Team for the evening

Stage manager Paul Spencer
Scenery Design Ray Jackson
Stage Construction Members of the Group
Prompt Ann Lodge      
  & Ann Spencer 
Props Val Culm
  & Sue Terry 
Make-up Sandra & Valerie Straw
Lighting & Sound Andrew Preece
  Martin Day
  & Clive Holland

The cast & production team for the whole evening

Advertiser Article 26th April 1985

"There‘s Always Spring" by Arthur Lovegrove


Produced by Josephine Spencer

The Cast


Ruth Holmes


Tim Wildgust

Mr. Withers

Paul Spencer


Karen Wildgust


Simon Holmes

Miss Watson

Didda Godson

"Husbands Supplied" by Falkand Cary


Produced by Ruth Holmes

The Cast

Mrs. May

Val Rushworth

Miss Jones

Lily Perrin

Mrs. Wuff

Kath Ready

Mrs. Bee

Josephine Spencer

Miss Waft

Carla Gordon

Miss Crunch

Annette Ayres

An Old Lady

Edwina Parnham

The Man

Richard Priestley


"The Suitor" by Leonard Morley


Produced by Edwina Parnham
& Kath Ready

The Cast

Arnie Mason

Simon Holmes

Joan Mason

Marie Preece

Clive Green

David Page

Daisy Mason

Barbara Deavin