"After My Fashion" by Diana Morgan - November 1964


Produced by Bill Taylor

The Cast (in order of appearance)

James Trenchard

Peter Burch

Chloe Gwynne

Jean Simpson

George Phillips

Tony Benton

Christine Starcross

Alison Fawkes


Alice Woodward

Lady Starcross

Jane Morris

Mrs  Shipman

Kay Willcox

Mrs  Venning

Lesley Ashton-Hill

Mrs Benson

Ellen Swain

Sibyl Emerson

Ray Ashworth



In the play, a film commemorating the life of the great explorer Christian Starcross, who lost his life in the Khublai Desert, is to be made. During the research work many secrets in the life of the explorer came to light, and there is plenty of scope for drama before the truth about the Starcross legend is know.


Act 1 An afternoon in early March
Act 2 A few weeks later in the evening
Act 3 The following morning




The Production Team


Ginger Taylor


Win Maycock

Lighting and sound

Clive Holland

Stage set and decor

Aline Turton