"A Man about the House" by John Perry - November 1970


Produced by Alice Woodward
Assisted by Didda Godson

The Cast (in order of appearance)
Salvatore Ferraro
Hugh Vernon
Assunta Susan French
Ronnie Sanctuary Alan Hucknall
Maria Jane Norris
Carolina Ann Holland
Antonino Clive Holland
Agnes Isit Eileen Denman
Sir Benjamin Dench Peter Burch
Mrs. Spettigue Aline Turton
Mr. Potter Clive Holland




The action of the play takes place in the living room of the Villa Castello Inglese, Monfalcone, Italy in 1908


Act I
Sc 1 Afternoon in March
Sc 2 Three days later, early afternoon
Sc 3 One month later, late afternoon
Interval of Fifteen Minutes
Act II
Sc 1 The following July, afternoon
Sc 2 A month later, late afternoon


Standing: Anne Holland, Peter Burch, Aline Turton, Bill Taylor, Alan
Hucknall, Susan French, Jane Morris, Clive Holland
Seated: Eileen Denman, Molly Lewis



The Production Team

Stage Manager

Vic Rowe

  with the help of Dick Smith
  and Group members

Stage Design & Set

Aline Turton

Stage Decor

Jennie Hucknall

  Gwen Rowe
  and Group members


Billie Bond


Jean Simpson

Hair by Jackie Chadwick
  Tina Allen


Members of the Group

Lighting & Sound

Clive Holland


Vincent Perthen

Wigs Peter Need
Wardrobe Mrs. Smith

Original Programme

Original programme - 6d